How Is Pizza A Slice Of Happiness?


In contrast to all the boring definitions by different sources, pizza is much more than just a piece of flatbread that satisfies you when you are hungry. It is a traditional Italian dish that is made up of a variety of toppings and has different kinds of base material. Rich tomato sauce and several Italian herbs are used to add flavor and enhance the appeal of the dish. However, what is common to every single kind of pizza is the awesome taste and tempting aroma that are beyond words. No doubt the magical flavor led Kevin James to opine, “There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.”

Pizza restaurants in Oklahoma City are well aware of the world growing conscious of fitness and well-being. Diners around the world today look for dishes on the menu that not just help them feel full but also fulfill their needs for taste and health. Although pizza is primarily an Italian dish, its goodness is making it a popular choice among diners everywhere.

Pizza crust offers a great source of carbohydrates, while essential fatty acids are supplied by the cheese. Additionally, plenty of veggie and meat options serve as a great source of nutrients for people on the go. People belonging to all age groups have developed a liking for pizza as a staple food owing to its amazing taste and nutritional value.

Pizza restaurants in Oklahoma City like Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza provide diners with plenty of items to choose from on the menu. More interestingly, Upper Crust fuels the bonfire by offering diners the freedom to choose sauce, toppings, type of cheese, meat and almost every single thing to order their pizza just the way they want it.

Delicious Starters With Soups and Salads

Starters play a very important role in increasing your desire to eat good food. Generally, people around the world consider pizza as a complete meal, but interestingly, a good choice of starters that are both healthy and tasty surely help to bring out the foodie in you. Pizza restaurants in Oklahoma City offer awesome starters like Italian meatballs, classic hummus and Italian nachos that serve as great dishes to not just fuel your appetite but also to compliment your pizza. Even choosing soups and salads that include loads of green veggies and fruits also can add on to your selection of pizza for a delicious meal.

Wide Variety of Italian-Inspired Dishes

Pizza is certainly well-known as a slice of happiness not just for kids but for grown-up people too. However, sometimes you may be in the mood for a hearty Italian sandwich. With great options like smoked pastrami, grilled cheese or classic turkey piadine served with your choice of pasta salad or soup, Upper Crust offers something for everyone when you have a great pizza party with your loved ones.

Artisan-Style Pies

Some varieties of pizza are crafted with great skill and effort, just as craftsmen prepare masterpieces. An artisan pie is a nice example of pizza prepared with utmost excellence by expert chefs. Pizza restaurants in Oklahoma City serve absolutely delightful pizza with mouth-watering taste and aroma.

Options to Build Your Own Pizza

Customers often feel happy and involved when pizza restaurants offer them the opportunity to explore a variety of flavors by selecting the ingredients for their pizza. Diners can go for any choice of cheese, sauce, toppings and condiments like truffle oil or balsamic glaze. This way you can really build your own piece of happiness and eat it too.

Perfect Choice of Drinks and Desserts

Pizza restaurants in Oklahoma City like Upper Crust offer an array of beverages, from an exquisite collection of wines to a menu of signature drinks. Pizza with chilled beer or sips of great quality white wine can be a really nice treat to your taste buds. Moreover, you can finish it off with decadent desserts like apple or cookie pie.

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